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David at Conference

The Center for Practical Evaluation (CPE) is an applied research center of the Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute. The major aims of CPE activities and initiatives are the development and use of approaches to evaluation grounded in a promotional, asset-based, and capacity-building theory. CPE evaluations inform practice, research, and policy regarding program practices that are related to healthy child, adult, and family development.

CPE staff develop and implement, in partnership with program personnel, practical evaluations as critical tools for learning and ongoing program improvement, informing program practices, and for making informed decisions about the optimal use of program resources. Center staff explore the adoption and use of promotional, asset-based, capacity-building approaches to evaluation of community-based programs and initiatives. This is accomplished using participatory methods involving various stakeholders in the evaluation and decision-making process.

The Center provides a forum for researchers, program developers, family members, practitioners, and program funders to explore the usefulness of practical evaluations for relating process and outcome measures in order to provide program staff information useful for improving practices with children, parents, and families.